Dental Frens

Launching soon


Dental Frens is a collection of 10000 adorable NFTs living on the Solana blockchain, created from a combination of over 200+ varying traits. There are 1/1s —very rare ones— or even traits from your beloved projects! Our vision is simple: Raise awareness to dental health & the importance of the dental hygiene.


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Dental Frens is being led by 4 fellow NFT lovers & art collectors. We are a team of four, but we consider every kind Dental Fren among our team. We are always open to new ideas and we appreciate every little suggestion you make! We hope we'll build Dental Frens together with you! See you soon in our Discord!

@nftmommy Artist & Co-founder
sleepywood Dev & Co-founder
leesande Project Lead & PR
@freydis Community Manager


We have 2 principles to our community members: We operate transparently, and the community is always on the first place.

Vision: Our core vision is to raise dental health awareness & the importance of the dental hygiene from young age.
Merchandise: After our launch we are opening a gift shop with apparel, plushies and many more!
Giving back: Prizes and SOL given back to the community in engaging games and events.
Metaverse Collabs: We'll provide great ways to discover other exciting, new communities, with exclusive whitelist opportunities and collaborations.
Donation: We are donating 10% of the overall sales to Their mission is to bring free dental care to children around the globe, they are in Nepal, India, Guatemala, Mexico, Kenya and Cambodia.
OpenSea royalty: 5% — 100% of the royalty will go back to the community with raffles and giveaways.

Join our journey and let's grow together!


What is the mint price & supply?
There will be 10000 Dental Frens
Mint price: TBD
When is the launch date?
October - 2022
What is the utility?
Dental Frens holders will have access to the most adorable piece of art. Holder exclusive airdrops, giveaways, art contests and many many happy days!
How can I buy a Dental Frens NFT?
You will be able to buy a Dental Frens NFT on our website with Phantom.
1) Make sure you have enough funds to cover the transaction.
2) On mint day, there will be a MINT button on the top of the website.
3) Click and sign the transaction.
4) Once done, your Dental Frens NFT will appear in your wallet.